Blog by Gift Shop Malaysia | Chinese New Year is the most important and traditional Chinese holidays
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Chinese New Year is the most important and traditional Chinese holidays

Chinese new year

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Chinese New Year is the most important and traditional Chinese holidays. It is also known as ‘Spring Festival’, It shows the end of the winter season. New Years is about family reunions and wishing everyone good fortune in the coming year. On this Occasion Chinese families do cleaning of their houses considering bad luck goes away with past year and Chinese families gather for their annual reunion dinner.. They Prepare many Chinese traditional dishes and buy gifts for their friends and families to wish them in a traditional way.

On this Occasion Gift Malaysia is offering a wide range of traditional gift hampers , chocolate boxes , fragrances and many other gift items on a very reasonable prices to celebrate this traditional occasion with Chinese community. We at Gift Malaysia hope that we had made shopping just a click away.

Gift Malaysia wishes You “GONG XI FA CAI 2013” to All and happy shopping.

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